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At OhKick.com, footwear is our passion. It doesn’t matter if you are into sneakers, shoes, boots, flats, pumps, or hiking sandals — if it goes on your feet, we love it. Our goal with this site is to bring you the latest from the footwear world and help you sift through the mountains of footwear options on the market, so you can confidently choose the right styles for you.

Human beings have been finding some way to protect their feet for as long as we’ve been on the Earth. While humankind has likely been using something to keep their toes warm and protected for as long as they’ve been walking upright, the oldest known pair of shoes is a pair of sandals made from sagebrush bark. These basic shoes date back to 8,000 BCE, making them a tad out of fashion for the modern shoe lover.

Fashion trends in the ancient world were slow-moving, with the oldest known leather shoes dating back to around 3,500 BCE. From this point on, the range of shoes found around the world grows exponentially, with each culture creating new footwear to take on the challenges of their location. In many cases, shoes were a defining factor between the winners and the losers throughout history, and we don’t mean a fashion contest. Historians have speculated that one of the reasons the armies of ancient Rome were as effective as they were was because of their sandal design, which featured iron nails in the soles for added grip. Who knew legionaries liked cleats?

Today, shoes are more than just an essential part of any wardrobe. A stylish pair of shoes makes a statement that can make or break almost any outfit. The wrong pair of shoes can leave your feet cramped or worse—blistered. And when it comes to different sports, events, or even gardening, the right pair of shoes can save you from a serious disaster. That’s why we here at OhKick have put together some of the best shoes available on the market, so you can shop with confidence knowing you’re getting the right shoes for your feet every time.


sneakersGetting their start in the 1870s with the British plimsoll, a rubber-soled shoe with a canvas or fabric top that soon became popular for recreational activities like tennis (check out our review of the best tennis shoes), sneakers have come a far way since their invention. With sneakers running the gamut from fashionable options like canvas shoes and flat-soled designs to top-of-the-line shoes for shot put or running shoes with foot pods made to increase your overall performance, it can oftentimes feel overwhelming to choose just one style.

Thankfully, with such a wide range of shoes to choose from, you’re sure to find a specialized style that suits your unique needs. Thanks to the wide range of sporting options, including running sneakers (check out our reviews of the best running shoes under $100, women’s running shoes for supination, running shoes for narrow feet, running shoes for shin splints, running shoes for flat feet, running shoes for bunions, and the best running shoes for high arches), climbing sneakers, basketball sneakers, soccer cleats for wide feet, the best soccer cleats, the best indoor soccer shoes, rugby boots for flankers, football cleats for wide receivers, golf shoes, bowling shoes, fishing shoes, cycling shoes, barefoot running shoes, and more, you can be sure you’re playing at the top of your game every time you step onto the field. There are even highly specialized types, like trail running shoes for women, and even walking shoes for plantar fasciitis. And don’t forget that sneakers require socks. Low socks, high socks, fashion and athletic socks – even specialty types like running compression socks are needed to give you both comfort and performance.

If you’re looking for more casual designs, there are plenty of cuts and styles, from the classic high-top to the stylish simplicity of a low cut, patterned sneaker. Whether you need running shoes for track or running shoes for bad knees, we have you covered. If you need shoes for BodyPump, shoes for orange theory, the best shoes for Zumba, or a similar program, we have you covered. No matter your unique footwear need, we’re pulled together some of the best sneakers available on the market, so you can put your best foot forward, no matter if you’re hitting the court or strolling through the supermarket.

For all other sneaker needs, we have the following reviews for you:


shoesNot to be confused with the generalized category for all footwear, a good pair of shoes blends style with practicality, pulling together any outfit and acting as the supporting player (quite literally) to your day. From dress shoes like the ones we reviewed from Magnanni, and heels to flats, loafers (boat shoes), shoes for cutting grass, driving shoes, and more, everyone needs a good pair of shoes that will leave them feeling both fashionable and comfortable at the end of the day.

However, finding the right style shoe for your needs can be tricky. Do you choose the kitten heels or the stilettos for a night on the town? Is there a wrong time to wear wingtip shoes? Do you need shoes for accessory navicular syndrome? Do you need shoes for cankles? Is it possible to find a pair of heels that are both cute and supportive? (check out our review of the best arch support shoes) Do you need the best walking shoes for Europe? Do you need shoes for fallen arches? Do you need the best shoes for nurses? Do you need the best shoes for walking on concrete? With one of the most expansive and widely accepted shoe categories to shift through, finding the right shoes for you can feel like a nightmare.

That’s why it’s important to keep in mind your unique footwear needs before investing in a new pair of shoes. Everything from style and make to color and cut can contribute to your overall aesthetic, and a pair of supportive, well-fitted shoes can be the difference between a bounce in your step and having hip pain or back pain (check out our reviews of the best shoes for back pain and the best shoes for sciatica). Take a look at our section above to get a better idea of what shoes pair well with your lifestyle. If you need something special (like shoes for after surgery, shoes after calcaneal fracture, shoes for heel pain, shoes for hallux rigidus, or shoes for sesamoiditis, we have you covered. After all, everyone wants to put their best foot forward – especially if you are looking for the best walking shoes for men.

For all other shoe needs, we have the following reviews:


bootsWhile the average person thinks of boots as winter-only shoes (or, depending on where you’re from, the cowboy variety of footwear), boots are practical choices for everyone from outdoorsmen (check our review of the best mountaineering boots or the best hunting boots), and adventurers to people whose next great adventure is shoveling their driveway.

Finding the right pair of boots depends on more than just your foot size. You have to keep in mind the level of grip, insulation, and even materials to make sure you choose a pair of boots that will keep up with your daily activities. Some people need very specific things for their boots, such as those who need the best hiking boots for flat feet.

And even if your interest in boots is purely fashionable, there’s plenty to be said about the right boot height for everything from day-to-day wear to a night on the town. On the other hand, you may need a comfortable boot for work, such as boots for an electrician or the best welding boots.

No matter if you’re working on trekking to the North Pole or looking for the best motorcycle boots, we’ve got plenty of articles to help you figure out which kind of boot works for you.


SandalsThe oldest known style of shoes, there’s more to sandals than just flipflops and the age-old sock debate. Sandals run the gamut from fashionable flip-flops and slip-ons to hiking sandals made to take a beating (check out our reviews of walking sandals for men and walking sandals for women for some examples). The upside of every pair of sandals is that they keep your feet cooler than sneakers, and are easy to rid of dust and dirt while out and about. They are also ideal for situations where you want to get a feel for the ground around you, as you can slip them on and off whenever you want.

And for the fashion-forward footwear-lover, there are hundreds of sandal designs to choose from, so you’ll never find your fashion sense slipping during the summer months. Since shopping for sandals can go from cool to stifling in seconds flat, we’ve put together some of the best sandals available out there, as well as information to help you choose the right sandal for each outing, so you don’t get stuck wearing a backless sandal to a hike, or a pair of hiking sandals to a summer soiree.

No matter what your footwear needs, OhKick has got you covered with informative reviews (like the best plus size knee braces), insightful articles, and helpful tips on all things footwear, so you’ll always be a step ahead of the game when it comes to shoe shopping.

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