The Top 8 Cheer Shoes Reviewed

Cheerleading is a fun, active, and exciting sport. Regardless of your level of participation, finding the right shoes can make a huge difference to your cheer experience. 

Some people attend practices, competitions, and sporting events, while others simply like to get together with friends for fun. The tumbling, flying, jumps and flips at any level require a great pair of cheer shoes. 

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Nike Cheer Unite (women-girls)

Nike Cheer Unite (women/girls)




NFinity Vengeance (women-girls)

NFinity Vengeance (women/girls)




Kaepa Stellarlyte Cheer (women-girls)

Kaepa Stellarlyte Cheer (women/girls)




Kaepa Touchup (women-girls)

Kaepa Touchup (women/girls)




NFinity Titan (women-girls)

NFinity Titan (women/girls)




SmartFit Girls’ Sizzle Track (girls)

SmartFit Girls’ Sizzle Track (girls)




Nike Scorpion (women-girls)

Nike Scorpion (women/girls)




Chassé Girls' Ace (women/girls)




Why do you need special cheer shoes?

Choosing the right kind of cheer shoes is vitally important. The reason that special cheer shoes are needed relates to the type of maneuvers that will be performed. Different cheer shoes are designed for various positions in cheer movements.

If you have the wrong type of shoe for your position, this could mean not only that you cannot perform your acts properly, but you could also injure yourself.

What’s your position on your cheer squad?

It’s important to understand your position on your cheer squad. Are you a flyer, or a base? Perhaps you’re a spotter, or a tumbler?

The reason this is so important is that your position will dictate a lot about the type of cheer shoe you should wear. For example, if you primarily participate in sideline moves and your team has very little tumbling, then a heavier shoe would work.

If you’re searching for a shoe to wear only on competition mats, then a light shoe that isn’t necessarily very durable would be the ideal shoe for you.

Base and spotters need to rely on their feet firmly planted on the floor. That requires a shoe that will not slip. As for flyers, a shoe that has hand grips is a must, as a base will need something to hold onto when they hold you up. 

Features to look for in the best cheer shoes



When searching for the best cheer shoes, ensure they’re made of breathable material. Performing cheers means a lot of movement with difficult routines.

It doesn’t take long for feet to become overheated. This can cause swelling, making every step extremely uncomfortable. 



The best cheer shoes are lightweight, and weight between 4oz to an 8oz maximum. Anything heavier than that weight can make it much more difficult for a flyer to jump as high as they could with lighter shoes.

For tumblers, the lighter the shoe the easier it is to maintain momentum while tumbling. With any cheer position, lightweight shoes enable you to move faster, an excellent feature for all cheerleaders. 



Having a cheer shoe that’s streamlined is another important feature to look for when researching the best cheer shoes.

A shoe that doesn’t have grooves or extra cut edges on the outside sole and upper will make the job of the base a lot easier when holding up or catching a flyer during a group performance.

The base needs to grip the shoe of the flyer to steady the foot and ankle without cumbersome bumps or edges in the way.



If your position is primarily that of base or spotter, cheer shoes need an extremely good grip to stay firmly planted on the floor when catching or spotting a flyer during group aerial tricks.

However, if you’re a flyer, you need cheer shoes that have hand grips, making it easier for a base cheerleader to hold you up. 



While some feel that a leather upper might be a fine idea because of its wearability, for cheer shoes it’s the opposite. A full leather upper isn’t right for cheer shoes, as it doesn’t breathe very well and isn’t flexible enough for pointing toes and other various cheer movements.

Rubber soles are also not a good choice for cheer shoes, because they tend to be bulky and will weigh the shoe down. Look for materials that are light and breathable, such as a soft synthetic leather or vinyl.

Mesh Panels


When searching for the cheer shoe, be certain they include mesh panels. Mesh will allow the foot to breathe, making positions much more comfortable to execute.

Mesh shoes are also quite easy to spot clean, which is something very important, as all cheer shoes are white. Mesh can either be located on the tongue of the shoe, or the upper (or both).



Finding a shoe that’s flexible is another critical feature when choosing the best cheer shoe. With a flexible outsole a tumble or a jump makes is much easier to deliver than a less flexible shoe.

The foot needs to move in the correct position in order to have the move to be done not only correctly but safely as well. Flyers and tumblers both need a flexible shoe, allowing for great movement for the flyer, and bounce for the tumbler. 

Indoor vs Outdoor


When researching for the best cheer shoes, it’s important to note whether the shoe is good for both indoor and outdoor moves, or for only one or the other. Shoes that are made for outdoor use only generally have a thicker tread to grip the grass or other surfaces.

Those used for indoor performance have a much different tread, since manoeuvres will take place on cheer mats. Using the wrong shoe for the environment can cause injury. Be mindful of the area where cheerleading will take place.



If the primary focus of your team’s cheerleading is on the sidelines or as a spotter, and there won’t be tumbling (or very little), it’s wise to search for a cheer shoe that’s a bit heavier than those lightweight shoes used in competition.

The heavier shoe will be more durable and last longer, yet isn’t meant for jumps and tumbles used in competition. This isn’t to say you don’t want a durable, yet lighter shoe, but ensure the shoe is comfortable and appropriate for the type of tricks performed.

Best Cheer Shoes

1. Nike Cheer Unite (women/girls)

This best cheer shoe is made from synthetic leather, and weighs approximately 7.7 oz, a great choice for its durability without the extra weight seen with real leather.

The streamlined design not only looks great but allows the base to obtain a good grip when catching the flying in a group performance. An excellent feature of this shoe is its flex grooves, built into the internal part of the shoe.

These grooves make this shoe very flexible, giving the foot the ability to move in a natural way. The midsole contains double phylon, giving the right amount of cushion and comfort, while providing the stability needed to perform various movements.

The outsole is a non-marking rubber and contains a middle pivot point. Designed for various surfaces and not just for indoor cheer activities, this is one of the best outdoor cheer shoes available on the market. 

Nike Cheer Unite (women-girls)

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