The Top 11 Ice Skates Reviewed

Ice skating is a fun invigorating, and enjoyable pastime that’s available all year round. Whether it’s on an indoor rink, or on a frozen pond, ice skating is also very good exercise. 

It’s also something the entire family can enjoy participating in together. The popularity of ice skating is growing rapidly, and the interest continues to expand with more people than ever participating, regardless of age.
It’s never too late to learn how to skate.

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GAM G5047

Figure Skates, Experienced - Men



K2 F.I.T. Ice Skates (Beginner - Men)

K2 F.I.T. Ice Skates

Beginner - Men 



Bauer Nexus Ice Skates (Flat Feet - Men)

Bauer Nexus Ice Skates

Flat Feet - Men 



Softec Leisure Skates With Hockey Blade

Hockey - Women 



Jackson Ultima Elle/Mirage

Figure Skates, Experienced - Women



Riedell 110 (Beginner - Women)

Riedell 110

Beginner - Women 

Black, White


Riedell 133 Diamond (Flat Feet - Women)

Riedell 133 Diamond

Flat Feet - Women 



Lake Placid Nitro (Youth)

Lake Placid Nitro




Lake Placid Summit (Youth)

Lake Placid Summit




Jackson Ultima Softec (Toddler)

Jackson Ultima Softec


Black, Navy, Pink, White


Type of Skates

Figure Skates

One of the distinguishing features of figure skates is the ‘ice pick’, or ‘toe pick’ as they’re sometimes called. The pick helps the skater by slightly digging into the ice as a set-off point for jumping.

Figure skates are also designed for creating various ‘figures’ on the ice. The blade on this skate is longer in the front, and shorter in the back. These skates are definitely not made for speed skating or routine, ‘regular’ skating.

Ice Hockey Skates

As the name implies, this type of skate is generally used for ice hockey whether it’s indoor or outdoor.

The interior of hockey skates is highly padded which is why they’re suitable for beginners as well. 

The blade on this type of skate is short and curved with no pick at the front.

Beginner Skates

This kind of skate has a basic blade with no pick at the front.

Many beginners use hockey skates, as the smooth blade won’t catch on the ice if you happen to lose your balance. 

Beginner skates can also mimic figure skates in their style, but without the toe pick on the blade. 

Features to Look for in the Best Ice Skates


When looking for the best ice skates for beginners, you’ll want to make certain the skate has features that will provide a lot of comfort.

When you’re a beginner, the skate should have a larger toe box, giving your toes ample room to spread out. The lining of the skate must be soft, such as fleece lining or a material that’s similarly comfortable.

In addition, inserts that are padded will enable you to skate much longer because your feet will feel comfortable and secure. 

Ankle Support

Look for a skate that offers superior ankle support. If you’re a beginner to ice skating, make sure that the skate comes with stability for the ankle.

Muscles are used very differently in skating than in regular walking or running. Therefore, the support in the ankle area will give you the proper steadiness you need.