The Top 10 Running Shoes for Overpronation Reviewed

People that are overpronated when they are walking or running will know the importance of having the right type of footwear and the best running shoes for overpronation. Especially, when it comes to running shoes. This is the only way that you can make sure that you are limiting overpronation. 

It’s why this article is so important. It makes sure that you are getting all the information and facts about overpronation and you will get to see the top 10 best running shoes for this condition. Making it so much easier to decide which pair of running shoes you should get.

What is overpronation?

Before you can start looking for the best running shoes for wide feet and overpronation, you need to know what this term is in the first place. Not many people know what overpronation is and therefore they don’t really consider purchasing running shoes that will assist them best.

Overpronation is when your feet are flattening or rolling in of the foot. This causes the muscles, bones, and ligaments to turn in unnaturally. Overpronation isn’t an injury itself, but it can cause some serious foot injuries if you don’t wear the right footwear. Especially when you are running a lot. 

How do you know if you overpronate?

There are different ways on how you can know if you overpronate. You just need to have a look at the shoes you are wearing every day. When you are looking at the sole of the shoe, you will see that the inner part of the sole is worn out a lot more than the outer part. As if you are walking on the inner part of your feet. Shoes are getting worn out very easily and you need to replace shoes often because they become uncomfortable to wear.

Another way to tell if you overpronate is to stand barefoot. See if your feet are in a straight line or if you are prone to stand on your inner part of your feet. You might need the assistance of a friend to tell exactly if your feet are straight or not. Looking from behind the person is the best way to tell if you overpronate. When you are buying the best running shoes for overpronation, you will not have this problem anymore. 

Running, Overpronation, and What You Can Do About It

You can’t really cure overpronation, but there are a couple of things that you can do to make you feel more comfortable when you are running. The first thing that you can do is to do some exercises that will strengthen the muscles and ligaments in your feet. Making sure that you aren’t prone to injuries that quickly.

You can also look for best stability running shoes for overpronators that are designed for people that overpronate or that have other foot problems. Meaning that the running shoes are offering more protection to prevent you from running incorrectly, getting tired feet easier or getting faster injuries. The problem is that not many people that are struggling with overpronation, don’t really know what to look for when they are purchasing their running shoes. 

Features to Look for in Running Shoes for Overpronation

There is a large variety of running shoes that you can purchase for overpronation. Especially, when you are looking for running shoes online. But, you still need to make sure that you are going to purchase the right shoe for your feet. This is why these features are important to look for when you are purchasing the best running shoes for overpronation and wide feet.


You should look if the shoes are really offering you stability. Normal running shoes might provide stability for people that are walking or running normally. However, the normal running shoes will not provide stability when you are overpronation. You specifically should look for the amount of stability that the shoes are offering.


Overpronation running shoes should be able to provide support to the area of the foot that is causing the overpronation. Making sure that the feet are getting the right support in the right places. The shoes need to provide information about the type of support it offers to overpronation.

Motion Control

You can’t really control how you are walking and running, and this is why people are suffering from overpronation. However, if you are purchasing high-quality running shoes, because of the right support, it will be able to have motion control to “force” your feet to run without overpronation. Making sure that injuries are limited.


Cushioning is another important feature that you need to look for. If the shoes are stating that it is ideal for overpronation, and it doesn’t have special cushioning inside, this isn’t legit overpronation shoes. Shoes that are designed for overpronation has extra cushioning in the inside of the shoe, making sure that your feet are comfortable while running.


Breathability isn’t really a must when it comes to quality overpronation running shoes, but this is just making the shoe a higher quality shoe that is giving you value for money. It is a lot more comfortable if you are purchasing breathable shoes that allow your feet not to get too hot inside the shoe while you are running.


The perfect fit is essential. If you are struggling with overpronation, it is important that you are purchasing running shoes that are a perfect fit. Purchasing them too large or too small will not give you the comfort and support that your feet need. And, this can cause even more risk of injuries when you are running.

Best Running Shoes for Overpronation

1. ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes

The best men’s running shoes for overpronation that you can purchase is the Asics Men’s Gel-Kayano 24 running shoe. It is my number 1 choice as it employs an Impact Guidance System (IGS) that helps comfort the entire base of the foot when running.

Your midsole is also well looked after by cushioning and bounce back features which are perfect for overpronators. Lastly, this Asics model comes with an exoskeletal heel counter, providing stability and support to the Achilles region.

The Kayano 24 is made from a lightweight synthetic material and you can choose between 12 different colors.

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 24 Running-Shoes

Our Rating

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 Chance of Success


  • Variety of different colors and sizes available
  • Fits very well to the foot
  • Durable rubber sole


  • One of the more expensive shoes
Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe

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2. Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe

The second option for people that are struggling with overpronation is the Mizuno Men’s wave inspire 14 running shoes.

This running shoe is known for the fit and high-quality materials use to make the shoe. The Wave Inspire is made from textile and synthetic. It has 5 different colors to choose from.

The one thing that is making this shoe unique is the fact that they had used the cloudwave technology to make the Wave Inspire. The shoe is made for comfort while running and has a rubber sole for preventing slipping on slippery surfaces while running.

Will These Shoes Fit Me?

 Chance of Success


  • With the fit percentage, you will know that the shoes will fit your feet.
  • It is a comfortable fit for people with overpronation
  • Offer more flexible support


  • It only has five different colors. People want to have more color options to choose from

3. ASICS Men's GT-1000 6 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's GT-1000 6 running shoes is one of the best and most popular running shoes on Amazon for people that are struggling with overpronation.

The GT-1000 has a comfort dry shock liner that can be removed for the more healthier environment. With the SpEVA Midsole Material that the shoe is offering, it allows your feet to bounce back when you are running and make sure that it decreases midsole breakdown.

Making the shoe durable and long lasting. With all the latest technology used to make the running shoe, it ensures the natural gait from heel to toe movement when running. You can choose between 12 different colors.

ASICS Men's GT-1000 6 Running Shoe

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  • It has removable sock liner that is providing more support for people with feet problems
  • The shoe ensure that your feet are staying dry and cool when wearing it
  • The color options are great


  • Not only is the shoe not always fit perfectly, but it can be too narrow as well for most feet.
New Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe

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4. New Balance Men's 510v3 Trail Running Shoe

A really popular trail running shoe for people with overpronation feet is the New Balance Men’s 510v3 Trail running shoe.

This shoe is designed for running on uneven terrains. The thing that is making the 510v3 so great is the IM ethylene vinyl acetate midsole feature. This is something that you won’t find in other shoes.

The shoe is lightweight and only weigh 348 grams. The ultra-soft insert is ensuring that the feet that are overpronation are getting the most comfortable with less chance of injury. It offers a large variety of different sizes and a large variety of different color.

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  • Great comfortable fit for problem feet