The Top 8 Shoes for Arthritic Feet Reviewed

Having arthritis can be difficult to endure on a daily basis. This is especially true when your feet are suffering from joint pain and discomfort that so many people with this disease experience. 

An astounding 350 million people around the world experience arthritic foot pain. Wearing regular (or more importantly, the ‘wrong’) shoes can account for immense suffering for arthritic feet. Shoes that are ill-fitting can cause pressure and pain on your feet, making it extremely difficult to walk.

However, finding the best shoes for arthritic feet can bring a lot of comfort and relief to the various symptoms that can cause havoc with joints in the feet. You might be thinking that you must give up style in order to find arthritic shoes. That’s not necessarily the case.

There are many types and styles of shoes for arthritic feet that are fashionable and designed to bring you comfort with every step. 

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Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Walking Shoes

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Avaron Clarissa Sandal

Avaron Clarissa Sandal


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Propet Wash & Wear Slip-On

Propet Wash & Wear Slip-On


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Vivonic Tide II


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Nimbus 17 Running Shoe

Nimbus 17 Running Shoe

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Burlington Waterproof Oxford

Burlington Waterproof Oxford


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Orthofeet Clearwater Sandals

Orthofeet Clearwater Sandals




Hush Puppies Gil Slip-On

Hush Puppies Gil Slip-On


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How can the right shoes help your arthritis?

Finding the right shoes can help your arthritis symptoms immensely. For example, shoes that are supportive can assist you in using the correct muscles when walking (or standing).

This can actually decrease the pain experienced with arthritis in the feet and ankle areas. The right shoes for arthritic feet can also help adjust your gait, which can lower the stress on your joints.

Wearing the wrong shoes, however, can worsen problems that you might already experience. This can actually lead to future injury, not only in the joints of your feet, but to other joints in your body as well.

Therefore, wearing the right shoes for arthritic feet can decrease pain and allow you to walk much more comfortably; in addition, it can also prevent further injury. 

Shoes to Avoid

High Heels

If you have arthritic feet, you should always avoid wearing high heels. Once your foot is inside a high heel, your toes are squeezed together, and your foot is positioned at a very uncomfortable angle.

High heels are tough on the ball and arch of the foot which can lead to deterioration of the joints. They can cause osteoarthritis to develop in the knee.

Tight Flats

Tight flats are not suitable for those with arthritic feet. Many styles of flats are narrow, have a pointy toe, and are inflexible.

Tight flats can cause ‘hammer toe’, which forces the toe to bend, causing further pressure against the shoe. Tight flats can lack cushioning, shock absorption, and arch support, all of which are needed for people with arthritic feet.

Features to Look for in Shoes for Arthritis

Heel Height

When searching for the best shoes for arthritic feet, ensure the height of the heel is no more than 1 ½ inches tall. A higher heel height will tend to put greater pressure on the ball of the foot, and intensify the bend in the foot joints.

Wearing a shoe that has a heel height greater than 1 ½ inches can also do a considerable amount of damage on joints in the back, hips, and knees through abnormal distribution of your weight when you walk. 


Another great feature to look for in the best shoes for arthritic feet is a wider toe box, enabling the toes to move naturally. This prevents any excess pressure to be placed on the forefoot.

With half of the foot’s 30 joints located in the toe and metatarsal area, arthritic pain and swelling can occur with even the smallest touch. Shoes with a wider width can help with pressure and swelling.


When searching for shoes for arthritic feet and ankles, be certain the outsole is sturdy (rubber is superb) with excellent gripping features (such a deep treads). The midsole should be cushioned (EVA foam works best) to give you proper shock absorption with each step, taking the pressure off the joints.

Make sure to look for a cushioned insole as well; this will allow your feet to be comfortable on the inside and outside of the shoe. 


When searching for the most comfortable shoes for arthritic feet, keep in mind that the upper should be very flexible. This will provide you with a great range of motion, but won’t pinch or compress the foot.

Materials for an excellent upper include: mesh, canvas, and knit which are soft and give the flexibility needed. Leather can work very well, but make certain it is soft and not rigid. It should have the ability to form around the foot.

Easy Fastening System

Experiencing the symptoms of arthritic feet can also be accompanied by arthritis in other areas of the body, such as the hands. This can mean the mobility scope is limited.

With this in mind, a hoop and loop (Velcro) fastening system is much easier than laces when taking shoes on and off. Slip-on shoes and slippers are also good choices when flexibility is difficult.

Another option is a shoe with non-tie, elastic bungee laces, which requires very little pulling to fasten.


Looking for the best shoes for arthritic feet should include those with a sturdy design. This inhibits the foot from rolling inward; a padded heel and midsole will help keep the foot sturdy.

This can also serve to absorb shock with each step, allowing for a more comfortable stride. Look for a thicker, cushioned insole; this can assist in reducing the pain caused by arthritis.

Sturdy shoes might not be helpful for those who have osteoarthritis in the knee as it might cause more pressure in that area. Shoes that are sturdy take a lot of weight off the ball of the foot, which is very helpful for those with arthritis in the toes.

Best Shoes for Arthritic Feet


1. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

As one of the best walking shoes for arthritic feet, this model has an incredibly sturdy design with lots of padding for extra comfort. This gives the foot lots of protection against pressure points that can elicit additional pain and discomfort.

The rubber outsole has deep treads which provide stability and comfort with every step. The midsole features superior shock absorption, giving protection from pressure on the joints.

Constructed of a soft leather upper, this flexible shoe has a removable cushioned insert, allowing room for customized orthotics if needed. The inside of the shoe also has a textile lining for added comfort. 

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

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